Halloween at Jacks

Enough to scare you for generations.
Enough to scare you for generations.

Saturday, October 31st

You’ll want to stick around til Midnight. Because: Costume Contest

1st Place Wins

  1. $50 cash
  2. $50 Apparel Gift Certificate (for Jacks Gear!)
  3. $50 Food/Beverage Certificate
  4. Eternal Fame and Glory!

2nd – 10th places

win prizes too (just not Eternal Fame and Glory…).

The trick to all this? The audience is the judge. Bring your mom, bring your mom’s mom. Undead votes count too. Be creative.

Did we mention Flaming Pumpkin Shots? $6.50 through the season.

Flaming Pumpkin Shots. Burning Down the House!


Remember: Before you celebrate: designate.

“Bag Lady Sue”, The Comic, The Legend

Maybe not the bag lady you were expecting? This one has multiple layers, you won't be disapointed!
Maybe not the bag lady you were expecting? This one has multiple layers, you won’t be disapointed!

Saturday, August 22 at 9p

Bag Lady Sue will be at IJs whooping it up.

The Cover charge for the evening is $10. You’ll want to get in a little early to get a good seat and a bite to eat.

Bags is renowned for her adult humor, support of our troops, and high energy.

Saturday Smack Down!

Saturday. This Saturday! June 13th, a Pay per View event at IJs.

The show starts at 4p with prelims. That’s will give you enough time to enjoy the fine menu at IJs and decide who’s going to come out victorious.

At 6p the fight commences, and its anyone’s call. Including Yours!

Bring a friend. Bring Ten Friends. Bring Your Mother-In-Law (we can sit her out on the deck). You don’t want to miss this.

Ukelele Russ Will Rock the House April 17th

Fresh back from a tour in the land of kiwis and kangaroos, Russ Copelin will grace our humble hovel this Friday, April 17 at 9p.

He’s know for quotes like “I know 2 percent of 50 percent of songs 100 percent of the time!” Expect him to pick up and carry the vibe of IJs and make it a lively event.

It’s not a night you want to miss.

If you want to learn more about Ukelele Russ head over to his website: ukuleleruss.com or check out his YouTube channel.

Give Your Loved One Crabs

Hey, the graphic might be confused, and have an overly Irish influence, but this Valentine’s Day, you could spend some quality time giving your special other some really decent crabs. Maybe even some ribs.

In fact there’s a special at IJ’s this Saturday:

BBQ Ribs and Crab

Why leave this once in a lifetime opportunity for hassle free crabs to chance? You sir, or madame, need a reservation to ensure you’re not left out in the cold, or worse yet, stuck at home with a TV dinner.

For Reservations

Call 455-6665. Open Saturday, serving our full menu as well from 11a to 11p.

Super Bowl Pajama Party

Sunday, February 1, 2015.

You’ve waited all year for this, now here it is! Your chance to see Goldstream’s finest decked out in Pajamas. And yeah, you can watch Super Bowl XLIX too.

Seems like the Patriots are playing the Seahawks.

These two are winning more prizes than you. Are you going to do anything about that?
These two are winning more prizes than you. Are you going to do anything about that?

Everyone in PJs gets a Prize!
You’re going to wear your PJs, right?

Kick Off is at 2:30, and you can watch it on several of the IJ Big Ass Wide Screens.

Halftime: Sub Sandwiches!

There’s chances to win $250 Gift Certificate for Arctic Fire and Safety, but you’ve got to be here to win! (Dude, where else would you be? Seriously?!)

Fine Dining in the Heart of the Goldstream Business District